Moe-Character Branded Rice Line Launched

posted on 2012-03-02 03:55 EST by Ko Ransom
"Oishisa Saihakken! Tabeyou Nippon no Okome" rice packages to feature illustrations by Ginta

The Osaka-based rice sales company Mukouyama Shouten began taking orders on Thursday for a new line of regional rice brands featuring illustrations by Ginta, an illustrator for the bishōjo game maker Chuablesoft. Mukouyama Shouten states that the aim of this campaign is to help younger Japanese people "rediscover" the taste of Japanese rice.

The first brand of rice to be featured in this campaign is the Okayama-produced "Kinumusume" brand, which will be packaged in bags featuring different characters each month from April to June, beginning with April's "Kinu Mimasaka." The bags will contain special codes that will allow consumers to also download messages by voice actresses playing the mascots thanking them for purchasing the rice.

While the illustrations featured on the rice bags will change each month, the brand of rice sold through the line will change once every three months. The 5-kilogram (about 11 pounds) bags of rice will cost 2,780 Yen (about US$34).

[Via Otakomu]

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