Nvidia Unveils Android-Based Handheld Game System (Updated)

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Nvidia Shield handheld can stream PC games, access Android apps

Technology company Nvidia announced its new gaming handheld device at its CES press conference on Sunday. The Nvidia Shield can close and flip open like the Nintendo DS, and its battery can last from 5-10 hours per full charge. The bottom panel is a game controller not unlike those for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, while the top panel is a screen with touch screen and 720p capabilities. The shield on the back of the screen is removable, which allows players to customize the look of their Shield.

The system has access to Android apps like Hulu and Netflix, allowing players to watch movies on the Nvidia Shield. Other than being able to use Android apps, the handheld has the ability to both stream games from the players' personal computer, as well as output the image onto a television.

No price or release information have been revealed as of yet.

[Via Kotaku]

Update: Nvidia posted a video of a real-time demo for the project:

[Via Kotaku]

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