Apollo Justice Returns in Ace Attorney 5

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Protagonist in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney returns with new design

It was revealed in Weekly Famitsu magazine this week that the titular protagonist of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban 4) is returning in Ace Attorney 5 for the Nintendo 3DS console. The new character design for Apollo Justice (Housuke Odoroki) features an eye patch, bandaged hands, and a blue military-style coat.

Ace Attorney 5 is set one year after the fourth main game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Phoenix Wright returns as the lead character and lawyer after he lost his license to practice law eight years ago after a conspiracy. Accompanying him is Kokone Kizuki, a mysterious girl in yellow who wears a one black glove on her right hand and a crescent earring. In the courtroom, Wright faces off against Fumitake Auchi, a veteran prosecutor and the younger brother of Takefumi Auchi (Winston Payne). One of Wright's clients is Shinobu Morisumi, a frail high school girl prone to spasm attacks.

Unlike in previous incarnations, Wright, the other characters, and the backdrops will be in 3D in this first Nintendo 3DS game of the franchise. The player can freely change the camera angle during the game to see the setting in 3D. The rest of the cast, including familiar returning characters such as the Judge, are also in 3D.

Brian Keltner, Public Relations Manager at CAPCOM, confirmed in September that his company plans to release its Ace Attorney 5 game in the West.

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