Evangelion Inspires Toddler Onesies, Bibs

posted on by Karen Ressler
Child hats, backpacks also offered with Evangelion designs

Japanese children's clothing designer Geewhiz is previewing a new line of toddler's and children's clothes in collaboration with the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. The line of clothing includes child T-shirts, onesies, and bibs with an EVA Unit 01 design, as well as child backpacks and hats with Angel-inspired designs. According to the official site, the line of clothing is marketed towards Evangelion fans who have become parents.

T-shirts are being sold for 4,620 to 5,670 yen (about US$47-57), onesies for 5,985 yen (about US$60), bibs for 2,625 yen (about US$27), hats for 3,990 yen (about US$40), and backpacks for 5,985 to 7,245 yen (about US$60-73), tax included.

The T-shirts, onesies, and bibs will be available for purchase in late April, and the backpacks and hats will be available for purchase in late May.

Images © Khara

[Via Minna no Eva Fan]

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