Sadako 3D 2 Teaser Trailer Streamed

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Miori Takamoto stars as new female protagonist in 3D horror film sequel

Film website Cinema Today began streaming a teaser trailer for the Sadako 3D sequel on Thursday. The sequel is set several years after Sadako 3D, and it will reveal the new film series' connection with the earlier Ring and Rasen films, as well as the true intentions of the resurrected Sadako. Sadako herself will appear in the sequel alongside a new female protagonist (Miori Takimoto). The key to the story is a certain girl who inherited Sadako's genes.

In the films, Sadako is the vengeful ghost of the daughter of a famous psychic. She is connected to a cursed video tape featuring a collection of disturbing images; those who watch the tape are killed one week later.

Koji Suzuki, the author of the original novel series that inspired the franchise, is writing the sequel film, and Tsutomu Hanabusa is returning from Sadako 3D to direct. The film will begin shooting entirely in stereoscopic 3D and slated to open on August 30.

Sadako 3D inspired several crossovers with Hello Kitty, Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsō), Another, Kuruneko, and Kayoe! Chūgaku. The film also spawned 4D screenings, Sadako's first pitch at a ballgame, and a parade of Sadako marching through Tokyo.

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