New Danganronpa Tights, Insoles, and Nail Accessories

posted on by Bamboo Dong
2PM Works teams up with Danganronpa: The Animation for Monokuma-patterned accessories.

Danganronpa: The Animation might be a dark, gruesome show about a robot bear that forces kids to kill each other off, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have plenty of potential to still be cute.

2PM Works is teaming up with Danganronpa: The Animation to provide the ladies with a range of accessories and fashion items, like these printed tights featuring Monokuma, the main villain in the series. Made by Acid&Mofcana, they retail for ¥3,780 ($38).

These tights show the crest of Hope's Peak Academy, with the words "Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair." They are retailing for ¥2,625 ($27).

Also available are these nail decals from VlliVlli, which come in a rainbow of Monokuma or black and white. Each set is going for ¥1,890 ($19).

Lastly, fans can stock up on these Monokuma-patterned insoles, which will transform any pair of shoes into an homage to the series' murder-loving robot bear. The insoles come in two patterns and retail for ¥1,260 ($13).

[Via IT Media's Net Lab]

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