Recochoku Poll: Kuroko's Basketball Tops Fall 2013 Anime

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Magi, Beyond the Boundary take second, third places

Recochoku, a popular Japanese online music store, conducted a poll of 300 users regarding their favorite anime of the season. Kuroko's Basketball came out on top, winning 34% of the votes. Magi and Beyond the Boundary emerged in second and third places, respectively. The poll was conducted from October 3 to 23 and included a wide range of ages, although over 60% were under 20 (19% between ages 12 and 15, 46% between 16 and 20). In addition, 64% of the respondents were female. Their numbers pushed Kuroko and Magi into the top spots, as 85% of each title's supporters were female.

Poll Results

1. Kuroko's Basketball (34%)
2. Magi - The Kingdom of Magic (22%)
3. Beyond the Boundary (12%)
4. Pocket Monsters XY (8%)
5. Nagi no Asukara (7%)
6. Infinite Stratos 2 (5%)
7. Kill la Kill (3%)
7. Non Non Biyori (3%)
7. Strike the Blood (3%)
7. Log Horizon (3%)

Kuroko's Basketball is currently airing its second season, its first season having aired last year. It chronicles the high school career of the title character, Kuroko Tetsuya, who possesses an amazing ability to stealthily relay passes. Having played with an awesomely skilled middle school team, the "Generation of Miracles," he must now prove his worth in a new setting. The anime has been clouded by an ongoing terrorist threat involving hydrogen sulfide, convenience store snacks and Sophia University.

[Via Mantan Web; Image from Figyuamonogatari]

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