Utena Shoes, Tights, and Other Accessories For Every Occasion

posted on by Bamboo Dong

2PM Works has released another fabulous line of anime-themed accessories, this time for Revolutionary Girl Utena.

The lineup includes ankle boots, in either a Utena or an Anthy color palette. Each pair is selling for ¥17,640 yen ($176).

If you're looking for something to pair them with, you can also get Utena and Anthy printed tights, either in a design inspired by a scene from the series' opening theme, "Rondo Revolution" (¥2,625), or a two-legged design that features the shadow girls (¥3,780).

For ¥1,890 a set, you can also pick up these subtle nail decals which feature almost-hidden shout-outs to the series' motifs and characters.

Lastly, for iPhone 5 users, these cases (¥4,200) will definitely show off your appreciation for this classic series.

2PM Works has also made Danganronpa accessories and Madoka Magica accessories.

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