Anime's Top Catchphrases of 2013, as Chosen by Japanese Fans on Twitter

posted on 2013-12-07 13:00 EST by Eric Stimson
Widespread negative reaction to Buzzword Awards prompts more authoritative compilation

On December 2, the Japanese news site Gadget Tsuushin posted its choices for the "Great Anime Buzzword Awards 2013." They are:

    GOLD MEDAL: 「にゃんぱすー」("Good meowning") from Non Non Biyori

    SILVER MEDAL: 「駆逐してやる」("I'll wipe them out!") from Attack on Titan

    BRONZE MEDAL: 「俺はフリーしか泳がない」("I only swim freestyle") from Free!

These are the top quips from a total of 40 different nominations. Here are the fourth through tenth place catchphrases:

    4. 「SAN値!ピンチ!」("Level 3 pinch!" or "Sanity Level critical!") from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

    5.「にっこにっこにー」("Nico-Nico-Ni!") from Love Live! School idol project

    6.「なんの成果も得られませんでしたぁ!」("We achieved nothing at all!") from Attack on Titan

    7.「イェーガー!」("Jaeger!") from Attack on Titan

    8.「胸のキュンキュン止まらないよ」("I can't stop my fluttering heart") from Dokidoki! Precure

    9.「カツドゥーン」("Katsu Doon") from The Devil is a Part-Timer!

    10.「カニカニカニカニ」("Crabs crabs crabs crabs") from Aiura

The reaction among Japanese fans on Twitter to these choices were generally positive. Many had grown fond of Renge's cute and peculiar expression from Non Non Biyori, and the announcement coincided well with Renge's birthday on December 3. But of course other fans were less pleased, pointing out, for instance, that "I only swim freestyle" isn't very catchy. Many offered their own suggestions, despite 37 other runners-up listed on the article.

The dedicated folks at Denshi Navi helpfully compiled a list of the top 12 omissions, ranked by their prevalence on Twitter. These are:

    1. 「なんつって、つっちゃった」("'Just kidding' just slipped out") from Yuyushiki

    2. 「やっはろー!」("Yo, hello!") from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

    3.「Show you guts cool say what 最高だぜ!」("Show you guts cool say what the best!") from Ro-Kyu-Bu!

    4.「このクソムシが」("This shit-bug") from Flowers of Evil

    5.「シャッターチャンスだ!」("Photo chance!") from Photo Kano

    6.「お外走ってくる」("I'm going to run outside") from Oreshura

    7.「愛衣ちゃん大勝利!」("A great victory for Ai-chan!") from Oreshura

    8.「それは違うよ!」("You've got that wrong!") from Danganronpa The Animation

    9.「~のん」("~Non") from Non Non Biyori

    10.「うつうつします」("I'm gloomy") from Gatchaman Crowds

    11.「ちんこもいじゃうから」("'Cause I'll cut off your balls") from Tokyo Ravens

    12.「こりゃホンマ勃起もんやで」("This would really give me a hard-on") from WATAMOTE

... And as if that's not enough, Denshi Navi came up with an additional 28 memorable catchphrases from the past year. It even suggests discussing them with your otaku friends at upcoming end-of-year parties. Follow the link at the bottom of the page if you're interested, but be forewarned: it's only in Japanese.

So what do you think? Did these quotes pretty much cover all the bases? Are there some quips, slogans or buzzwords that stood out in your mind from this year's anime? Is too much just lost in translation? Post your comments in the forums!

[Via Denshi Navi; Image from Erutaso-ha Owatta Contents-nanoka]

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