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Fans Recreate Anime and Game Themes Using Skullgirls DLC

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Fighting game fans have been having a good time with Skullgirls Encore's soon-to-be-released DLC character, Big Band. The character, a one-man band whose attacks involve instruments ranging from drums to cymbals to horns and more, has a feature that lets players play a virtual trumpet. Naturally, fans have been putting their creativity to the test, with some using anime and pop culture as inspiration.

Here's one fan's rendition of the Fist of the North Star opening, "Ai o Torimodose!!":

Here's another fan's recreation of Touhou Project's "U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?"

Recently, the same fan also posted his ambitious, multi-trumpet rendition of "Bugler's Holiday," a piece written in 1954 by the American composer Leroy Anderson.

While the last two videos were tool-assisted, many fans are doing it the analog way, using combinations of the Light/Medium/Hard Punch and Kick buttons, which correspond almost exactly to fingerings used for a real trumpet. Here's a handy button guide for those eager to try it out themselves.

Although the official release for Big Band on PS3, XBox360, and PC is still a couple weeks away, he's already available in the Skullgirls Encore beta, available to fans who own the game on Steam.

Big Band is the second of five DLC chracters in development for Skullgirls Encore from indie game studio Lab Zero Games.

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