Sailor Moon Classic Scenes Used in Miracle Romance Eyeliner Commercial

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

Though arriving a few months later than promised, Premium Bandai now has for sale a brand new addition to the Sailor Moon-inspired Miracle Romance makeup line. The company debuted a commercial featuring scenes from Sailor Moon Classic and Sailor Moon R to promote the eyeliner.

Announced back in February, The Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner, created by Creer Beaute, is now available on the online Premium Bandai shop. This makeup tool boasts an ultra-fine brush that makes it easy for anyone to apply eyeliner like a pro. The eyeliner itself is even waterproof and comes off as easily as wiping it away.

Though a regular version of the eyeliner comes as a regular pen (featuring both black and brown colors), Sailor Moon fans will definitely want to check out the key feature of the Moon Stick versions (both with black eyeliner). The Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner comes with special pen caps modeled after the special weapons in Sailor Moon's early arsenal. One version is made to look like the Moon Stick, a weapon that allows Sailor Moon to harness the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal to defeat her foes. The other replicates the Cutie Moon Rod, which granted Sailor Moon her powerful Moon Princess Halation attack. The Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner goes for about 1600 yen each (US$13) while the regular version costs about 1200 yen each (US$10).

The Miracle Romance line features several makeup products designed after elements of the classic magical girl franchise. Previous products include other eyeliners using colors based on other Sailor Guardians as well as compact powders made to look like Sailor Moon's transformation items.

[Via Nijimen]

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