Osamu Tezuka's Son Dresses Up as Father to Announce New Gene Project

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The living legacy of "manga god" Osamu Tezuka want to see what his father passed onto him on a molecular level.

From left to right: Mentalist DaiGo, Genesis Healthcare President Iri Sato-Baran, Macoto Tezuka and model Noriko Maeda

In cooperation with Genesis Healthcare, Osamu Tezuka's son—Makoto (stylized as Macoto)—is going to participate in the Osamu Tezuka Gene Analysis Project. The announcement was made on July 7.

As the name suggests, the project seeks to examine the genes of Macoto Tezuka, and thus his father's genes as well, seeing the physical and psychological machinations of the Tezuka bloodline. The analysis will also involve the DNA of other Tezuka relatives.

During the announcement, Macoto made it a point to wear his father's trademark beret at the event.

Macoto without makeup

He also wore special makeup and even a fake nose to resemble his father more closely. According to Macoto, the makeup took over three hours to apply.

Though the overall results of the analysis will be publicized some time in August, preliminary results have already revealed some interesting findings. Macoto's DNA shows strong memory, high levels of happiness, and quick information-processing within him, along with acute attention to detail and sharp memory. Macoto was pleasantly surprised to hear such results.

On the other hand, upon hearing his DNA-encoded penchant for cooperation, he amusingly responded "there's probably a few people that would tell you otherwise." He later admitted that he "probably couldn't get any work done without some cooperation."

In commemoration of the project, Genesis Healthcare is now selling the GeneLife(R)GENESIS genetic testing kit. Of the 10,000 kits currently available, four of them will come in a package featuring an illustration of Tezuka's famous "Phoenix".

Macoto works as an anime and film director, having previously worked on various iterations of Black Jack.

Source: Comic Natalie

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