Keep Your Evangelion Enthusiasm Private with Boxer Shorts

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Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion who might be reticent about splashing their enthusiasm for the anime all over their chest now have a more personal method of displaying their appreciation, thanks to a collaboration between the apparel store Radio Eva and the underwear maker Betones.

The boxers carry images of Eva Unit-01 and Unit-02. They are rendered more abstract than usual thanks to camouflage in the front and artwork by London-based artist Akiko Ban in the back. They are 74 × 86 cm (29 × 34'') and made with sweat-absorbent, fast-drying material to enable use in sporting contexts as well as daily life. The undies can be purchased at the Evangelion Store for 3,024 yen ($24.66).

The Evangelion Store is also offering new takes on their "AmeComi Style Series," which interprets Evangelion as if it were an American comic. This hoodie shows Eva Units 01 and 02 performing their "Unison Attack"; it costs 7,344 yen ($59.88) at the Eva Store.

Evangelion fans can also pick up T-shirts with an Americanized image of the Unit-01. They cost 4,104 yen ($33.46) at the Eva Store.

Customers can also buy a badge or a clear file with the Unison Attack; the former is only available at the Eva Stores in Ikebukuro and Hakata. The badge costs 500 yen ($4) while the clear file costs 350 yen ($2.85). Delivery for all of these items can be expected in early December.

Bicycle shorts have previously been offered by Media Magic in Eva unit colors. Radio Eva also offers casual clothing lines based on Evangelion's human characters.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan amd Evangelion Store]

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