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Rakugo Master Mixes Gundam With Classic Story

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

If you're currently enjoying the the rakugo performances in Studio DEEN's Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū but think the stories could use a little more mecha, Sunrise's latest collaboration might whet your appetite.

The piece called "Last Shooting" was performed by shinda (master) Shiraku Tatekawa and intertwines the heroes of Gundam with Edo-era Japan. The story is based on the rakugo piece "Daiku Shirabe" and stars the story's protagonist Yotaro (renamed Yoharo for the Gundam version), a skilled but slow-witted carpenter who falls behind on his rent. His landlord confiscates his tools until he pays up. Yoharo's master takes pity on him and tries to get the landlord to return the tools. Both the master and landlord are locked in their respective positions until both grow angry with one another. Yoharo joins in with his master in badmouthing the landlord, further deepening the problem. Finally, they go to the Minamimachi magistrate's office for a solution.

This version casts Amuro as the master carpenter and Char as the landlord and grain wholesale proprietor. Lalah Sune is the magistrate that mediates between the opposing parties.

The performance also debuted "Pachinko Rakugo" by Shiraku's pupil and shinda Shirara Tatekawa. The story commemorates Sankyo's Mobile Suit Gundam”-LAST SHOOTING- Fever Pachinko machine. The story follows Hattsuan who finds a pachinko machine that was secretly brought into his home. He is drawn in by the thrill of winning jackpots on the device, setting off a chain of events that puts the whole neighborhood into disarray.

Source: Somin at Dengeki Online

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