Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor Akio Ohtsuka Marries

posted on 2017-01-10 13:45 EST by Jennifer Sherman

The voice acting agency Mausu Promotion announced on Saturday that voice actor Akio Ohtsuka has married. The agency did not reveal the name of Ohtsuka's new spouse because she is a regular person not affiliated with voice acting.

Ohtsuka, son of late voice actor Chikao Ohstsuka (One Piece's Gold Roger, Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Aeolia Schenberg), divorced fellow voice actor Yoko Soumi (Super Lovers' Mikiko, Vandread's B.C.) in 2009. They had married in 2005.

Ohtsuka played Solid Snake and Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise. He has also voiced Ansem in the Kingdom Hearts series and Honda Tadakatsu in the Samurai Warriors video game series. His anime roles include the title character in Black Jack, Ghost in the Shell's Batou, Bleach's Kyōraku, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory's Anavel, and Durarara!!'s Shingen.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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