Dress Like Utena While Lounging Around at Home

posted on by Eric Stimson
Super Groupies offers Utena, Anthy-themed hoodies

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The outfits seen in Revolutionary Girl Utena may be stylish, but would you really want to wear those billowing gowns and tight uniforms when you don't have anyplace special to go? Enter Super Groupies, an apparel retailer aimed at anime and video game fans; its new clothes inspired by the 1997 classic anime will make you feel nostalgic and stylish in a relaxed, casual way.

The black hoodie is based on Utena's uniform, while the red hoodie is modeled after Anthy's dress.

Both hoodies cost 10,584 yen ($93.22). Super Groupies is accepting orders until February 28. The clothes are expected to ship in late April.

Utena welcomes its 20th anniversary this year, and Nozomi Entertainment plans to release it on Blu-Ray as well. Super Groupies also offers Utena-themed tights, boots, nail decals, and phone cases.

Source: Comic Natalie

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