Some Fans Didn't Win Passes to Sumire Uesaka's Strawberry-Picking Event, So ...

posted on by Amanda Whalen

…They tailed her tour buses in an unofficial The [email protected] Cinderella Girls itasha caravan.


Voice actress Sumire Uesaka (Anastasia in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls, Nonna and Piyotan in Girls und Panzer, Serika in Chaos;Child, Kikko Hoshino in Concrete Revolutio) gave the members of her fan club, Kolkhoz no Tamanegibatake ("Kolkhoz Onion Field"), a chance to go strawberry-picking with her on April 16 in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture west of Tokyo. A limited amount of fans were allowed to come, and tickets were distributed by a lottery. Lottery winners also had to pay a tour fee of 19,000 yen (USD $168).

Several fans who didn't manage to win tickets to the event tailed the group from the appointed meeting place near Tokyo Station all the way up into the mountains. They were very conspicuous in their 5 anime decal-ed itasha, but when stopped they apparently said, "We're just driving on a public road."

Source: Nijiboi

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