Yuri!!! on Ice Characters Cameo in Steven Universe Comic

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The figure-skaters from MAPPA and Sayo Yamamoto's Yuri!!! on Ice anime series took a break from practicing at the rink to check out a local Renaissance Faire in Beach City, the home of Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.

Yūri, Victor, Yuri Plisetsky, and Otabek Altin all make background cameo appearances in the Steven Universe #4 comic by author Melanie Gillman and illustrator Katy Farina. Anime News Network asked Farina about what inspired the shout-out.

"I just like YoI - the characters are great! Sometimes drawing backgrounds isn't the most compelling, so I tend to add cameos. It makes it fun for me to draw, and it's a cute little Easter egg for the people reading," Farina said.

Farina found the anime itself inspiring. "When it was airing I was feeling so discouraged and unmotivated. Watching Yūri work hard and learn to find confidence in himself inspired me to do the same. I think a lot of people can relate to that," she shared. "Victor and Yūri's relationship also - watching that develop and the nuance of their dynamic is really compelling. Yūri is definitely my fave though! Whenever I'm feeling like I can't do something I think back to the series and his journey."

Steven Universe #4 went on sale on Wednesday. The series' anime and manga shout-outs aren't limited to just the comic book adaptation. The cartoon is chock-full of Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Evangelion, and more references. The series also attracted the talent of Studio Trigger animator Takafumi Hori for its "Mindful Education" episode.

Comic Images via Steenz, Gabi, Acelukeskywalkr

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