Best Saber Cosplay Yet Uses Projection Mapping Tech

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Saber (Artoria Pendragon) is a popular character to cosplay from the Fate franchise. Even cats are getting in on the costumed action. Gomi and his tech circle TechnoAlta revealed what may be the best Saber cosplay yet in a "Summoning the 'King of Knights'" video earlier this month. The video begins with the project's complete two-minute cosplay video then explains the multi-faceted approach Gomi and his team took to create this stunning cosplay. The video is available with Japanese, Chinese, and English subtitles.

Projection mapping was a key part of the cosplay video project that used an infrared LED inside Saber's sword to track her movements and create special effects in real time on a screen behind the cosplayer. The 3D background images in the video were based on Fuyuki City, the setting of Fate/Zero. Although the cosplay outfit's armor looks like actual metal, Wasabi made it from lightweight material so that Saber could move freely in the video. dai's version of Saber's sword Excalibur is also made of light materials, and some parts were created with a 3D printer. The multi-colored lights inside Excalibur coordinate with the projection mapping and can be adjusted for use in videos and at events.

Gomi served as director and was in charge of the planning and program for the project. He and his team have produced similar cosplay that utilizes technology such as special lighting and interaction with smartphones in the past. For this project, DaLi designed the costume and cosplayed in the video. Wasabi crafted the armor, and dai made the sword. Megadebu and mon7 were in charge of projection mapping, and mon7 also worked as 3D modeler. The video and its YouTube page credit the full staff of the project.

Though not as advanced as Gomi's latest project, Fate/Grand Order voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki cosplayed as his character Edmond Dantes for a livestream on April 26.

Source: Anime! Anime! (Yuzuru Fushimachi)

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