Monster Hunter Bridal Fair Brings Fandom Fantasy to Nuptials

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Newly wed couples have shared their fandom, sometimes subtly with themed registration forms, bling, or going all out with an entire themed wedding ceremony. Couples planning their fandom-fueled ceremony can get a major leg up from Capcom. The company is providing Monster Hunter wedding previews at 23 venues across Japan dubbed "Monster Hunter x Bridal Fair".

The bridal event gives prospective couples a look at the menu, ceremony, and a chance to talk with wedding planners. Couples that sign up at the event will also get access to two limited edition benefits. One of the items is a Felyne bride and groom plush pair that holds hands.

The second bonus is free rental of a 1/1-scale Monster Hunter Epitaph Sword (seen in the couple's image above). The item could work as an over-sized cake cutter (not really) or be used for the newlyweds' first quest long as it's returned on time. At the very least, it's a great photo prop.

The event is co-hosted by Escrit, a company specializing in wedding ceremonies. The company's wedding planners say they have previous experience creating Monster Hunter wedding ceremonies. For example, a previous couple wanted to dress like the wyvern monsters Rathalos and Rathian, so the planner organized the groom's tux to be red and the bride's dress to be green. Smaller details, like labeling tables as villages from the game, are also ideas the planners provided along with themed invitations, signage, and other stationary.

The event is offering food samplings based on both Monster Hunter and French cuisine. Appetizers include "Dosu Daikui Maguro" with a fluffy vegetable mousse, a tender beef loin, and chocolate mousse with tropical strawberry sauce.

Of course, a Monster Hunter wedding wouldn't be complete without an amazing cake.

For fans looking for something truly unique when they tie the knot, The Monster Hunter Bridal Fair looks like a great place to start.

Source: Animate Times

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