Shirow Miwa Draws Masterful Touken Ranbu Artwork

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Artist Shirow Miwa (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, 7th Dragon) drew two illustrations to celebrate the appearance character Sohayanotsurugi in the new stage performances of Touken Ranbu and the character Oodenta Mitsuyo in the sixth episode of Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu. Miwa designed the Sohayanotsurugi and Oodenta Mitsuyo characters in the game.

Miwa also shared drawings of the game's enemies on Twitter.

DMM's Touken Ranbu "sword personification training game" takes famous swords from Japanese history and interprets them as bishōnen. Nitroplus designed the characters and scenario. The game launched in Japan last year, and it has more than 1.5 million registered users. The game has acquired a large female fanbase and inspired a wide range of merchandise, as well as several manga and stage productions.

[Via Nijimen]

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