Reiju Joins One Piece's Sexy Figure Line

posted on 2017-10-01 16:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
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Vinsmoke Reiju is the latest One Piece character to join MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P.) figure line. Most of the figures in the line showcase the franchise's characters in skimpy swimsuits. Although Reiju doesn't wear a swimsuit for her figure, her outfit is just as scandalous.

The Reiju figure wears a tight white dress and pink heels. Reiju's outfit emphasizes her legs and shows off her thigh tattoos, which honor her status in the Germa 66 military. The figure stands about 225 millimeters (about 9 inches) tall.

The Premium Bandai website will begin accepting pre-orders for 9,990 yen (about US$89) on Friday. The figure is slated to ship in March.

Previous figures in the P.O.P. line include Robin, Boa, Corazon, gender-swapped Trafalgar, kabuki Luffy, Sanji, Tashigi, gender-swapped Luffy, Trafalgar, Kalifa, and Gear Fourth Luffy.

Source: Comic Natalie

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