Tochigi Prefecture's Anime Idol Group Comes Face to Face with History

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"Marronni ☆ Yell" idols meet Shimotsuke no Komaro in promotional anime PV

A fictional idol group created to promote the town of Shimotsukeshi in Tochigi prefecture meet a historical hero in the newest local tourism anime short. Sakura no Chikai ~Marronni ☆ Yell Higashi no Asuka Shimotsuke-shi o Yell!~ stars the trio of idols Nonoka (red, voiced by Iori Nomizu), Manami (yellow, voiced by Mami Shitara), and Ruri (green, voiced by Motoko Kobayashi and their encounter with Shimotsuke no Komaro (voiced by Hiro Shimono). Shimotsukeshi hopes the three girls can help fulfill a promise related the area's sakura trees and so the group visits various areas in the city.

Shimotsuke is based a real historical figure active in the area during Japan's Asuka period (538 AD–710 AD).

The anime was created to raise awareness about the city itself and entice tourists from the Tokyo area. The anime will first air on local TV on January 10 and run about 12 minutes. The Shimotsukeshi Tourist Association will then sell the anime on Blu-ray disc starting on January 14.

The anime ties into the manga Marronni ☆ Yell by Sayaka Itsuki. Mitsutoshi Satō (Food Wars! The Third Plate episode director) is directing the anime at Production IMS.

Tourism anime is an increasingly popular medium lately, promoting everything from a new Yokohama development to Chichibu and Seibu Railways. Animate and the Toshima ward of Tokyo are currently working on a promotional anime for Ikebukuro

Source: Animate Times

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