Rumor: Is Ice Skater Jeffrey Buttle Helping Choreograph the Yuri!! on Ice Movie?

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Social media is aflutter with rumors that ice skater Jeffrey Buttle is assisting with Yuri on Ice anime film. The movie was announced over a year ago but staff have continued to keep what, if any progress, is being made on the film's production. Fans are searching high and low for any kind of confirmation and a recent Instagram post by Buttle is feeding the flames.

Buttle was in Japan at Aqua Rink Chiba over the weekend. He wrote in his Instagram post that he was up all night as part of a movie shoot. In the picture, Buttle is decked out in Xsense 3D motion tracking gear.

The motion-tracking gear and the confirmation that Buttle was part of a film shoot has fans speculating that the skater is involved in the Yuri on Ice film and crew may be using motion capture for the choreography. If true, Buttle would be a stellar candidate. The Canadian skater is a Winter Olympics bronze medalist and 2008 World Champion. He's also in Japan as part of the Fantasy on Ice 2018 performances at Makuhari Messe.

Officially, there's no confirmed news about the Yuri on Ice film. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled if they hope to find out anything before the staff make any announcements. Just last week, MAPPA president Manabu Otsuka sat down for drinks with Wit Studio's George Wada and Tetsuya Nakatake, Cloverworks producer Yuichi Fukushima, sound director Shouji Hata for a producer discussion. The group asked Otsuka how the Yuri on Ice film is coming along to which he responded, "Um."

[Via DenkiMouse Twitter]

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