Pop Team Epic's AC-bu, Steins;Gate's Kurisu Appearing on Variety Show

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Shunsuke Itakura and Toru Adachi presented their work on one of anime's biggest stages when they appeared at this summer's Animelo multi-day concert. The men comprise AC-bu, the creators of Pop Team Epic's Hellshake Yano and the Bobunemimimmi ("Bob Team Epic") segments. Pop Team Epic isn't the pair's only claim to fame. They also animated the equally unique "Galo Sengen" music video for the hip-hop group Policeman in 2011. Now that Pop Team Epic is over, at least until next year, AC-bu have set their sights on Johnny's singer Masaki Aiba.

Nippon TV's Arashi ni Shiyagare program will host both AC-bu and Steins;Gate character Kurisu Makise on October 20. AC-bu will participate in the program's "Kakurega Arashi" (Hideout Arashi) segment and show off a fast-paced kamishibai story featuring singer Masaki Aiba. AC-bu's kamishibai style storytelling was made popular by their Hellshake Yano segment, but this will be the first time a third person has participated.

Details about Kurisu's appearance are still a secret but given the plot of Steins;Gate 0 and current trends in Japan, I'll take a wild guess that the program might introduce the character as a Virtual YouTuber. We'll have to tune in on October 20 to find out.

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