Dragon Ball Super: Broly Stamp Rally Takes You to Graveyard of Japan's Famous Warlords

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The Dragon Ball Super: Broly film is holding a digital stamp rally from January 26 to February 24 in collaboration with the Nankai Electric Railway. The stamp rally will take you to seven locations on Mt. Kōya in the Wakayama Prefecture to the south of Osaka. Once you obtain all seven stamps from each location, you can obtain a free original postcard from the Nanpa Parks Cinema.

Mt. Kōya is known as the world headquarters of the Kōyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. The Okunoin cemetery, which is located within Mt. Kōya, is known as the resting place of notable historical figures and warlords in Japanese history, including Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin, Date Masamune, Ishida Mitsunari, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Oda Nobunaga. One of the locations on the stamp rally is situated near the Okunoin cemetery, which means that Dragon Ball fans are encouraged to pay respect to the mightiest warriors in Japanese history.

The locations for the stamp rally are as follows:

  1. Near the Daimon (big gates)
  2. Near the Chūmon Kondō (central gates)
  3. Near the Konpon Daitō pagoda
  4. Near the Kongōbuji Temple
  5. Near the Mt. Kōya Tourism Information Center
  6. Near the Mt. Kōya Lodgings Association Information Desk
  7. Near the Okunoin cemetery (inside the Naka no Hashi Kaikan)

You must download the Kokotoro app in order to participate in the stamp rally. The app comes with an AR function that can allow you to take photos with the Dragon Ball characters you have acquired at each location.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly opened in Japan on December 14, and it sold more than 820,000 tickets and earned more than 1,050,000,000 yen (about US$9.26 million) in its first three days in Japan, topping the box office in its first weekend. The film earned US$10.7 million in its first weekend in the U.S. box office after opening earlier this month.

Source: Moca-News

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