Phantom Thief Jeanne Inspires Luxurious Dresses, Accessories

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The 20th anniversary of Arina Tanemura's Phantom Thief Jeanne manga is underway with high quality prop recreations, costumes, and fashion accessories.

The dress (one piece) specialty shop Favorite is offering a cosplay replica of the phantom thief's signature look along with four other dresses inspired by the series. The full line-up includes Phantom Thief Jeanne's costume, Maron's school uniform, a bell-sleeve dress based on Maron's casual wear, and dresses based on Fin Fish and Access Time's costumes.

Pre-orders for the outfits are open on Favorite's mail-order site, Yahoo!, and Rakuten. Orders are expected to ship starting in April before being stocked at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. The dresses range in price. The Phantom Thief Jeanne dress costs 19,418 yen and the school uniform dress costs 17,258 yen including tax.

The mail-order site SuperGroupies has its own Phantom Thief Jeanne line-up including a watch, backpack, belt, and necklace.

The watch has a gold-colored mesh band and red face with motifs from the series replacing the 6 and 12. The backpack mimics the color of Jeanne's vest; a soft lavender. Red lacing, like the ribbons seen on Jeanne's boots, is included as a detail. The belt is also a recreation of Jeanne's thick obi and is meant to be paired with a shirt dress or kimono. Finally, SuperGroupies is offering a necklace with a charm of Jeanne's rosary.

The watch, backpack, and belt each cost 13,800 yen and the necklace costs 10,800 yen. SuperGroupies is accepting reservations until February 24.

Source: Comic Natalie (Link 2)

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