Love So Life Manga Artist Crowdfunds Animal Rights Manga

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Love So Life manga artist Kaede Kōchi opened up a campaign on crowdfunding website Green Funding for a manga volume to be published in May called The Truth of Fluffy Pets (Mofu mofu no Honto), which will focus on the real lives of animals in human homes. Kochi is planning to use the money raised by the crowdfunding campaign to gift the book to various elementary schools and libraries in order to help spread awareness of animal rights issues. All proceeds from the book's sales will go to Nekoken, a non-profit animal rights organization which is also assisting Kochi with the project.

The manga will take the form of an anthology, with stories contributed not only by Kochi, but also by fellow shoujo manga artists Iriko Aoiro (Japonism 47), Sana Aohoshi, Soyoko Igarii, Ami Uozumi, Aya Umazono, Kashi, Omi Kohara, Tsugumi Kuro, Mia, Wakana Yanai, Nokoshi Yamada, and Irita Uta.

Kochi wrote on the campaign project page: "I am very happy that over 10,000 people buy each volume of my manga. I hope I can use my manga to make those 10,000 people feel empathy towards animals, and perhaps show their friends and family that message as well. I've been thinking lately that I want to make a difference, however small it is."

Kochi is aiming to raise 600,000 yen (US$5,428) by March 31. As of publication, the campaign has already raised over half the amount of the goal. Rewards for backers include an original illustration by Kochi, a digital copy of the manga, and signed manga pages.

Source: Comic Natalie

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