Pokémon Announces Player's Valentine Character Picks on White Day

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Valentine's Day gets all the glory, but in Japan there's a second holiday exactly a month later where men are supposed to reciprocate the chocolate they received on Valentine's Day. While less popular, White Day is also the opportunity to follow up the female character-centered fan art with male characters handing over gifts.

The Pokémon video game franchise polled its followers of which human character they want to give and receive chocolate. The hashtag "Valentine Chocolate o Agetai/Moraitai Character" was used to tally votes for both female and male characters for one month. The Pokémon Twitter account announced it would release new artwork of whichever characters received the most votes.

The votes were tallied and the winners announced on March 14. The character N from Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 was voted the character players most want to give chocolate and the Pokémon Black and White gym leader Elesa (Kamitsure) was voted the character players most want to receive chocolate from.

Illustrator Megumi Mizutani drew the artwork.

The Pokemon Company will award 60 people with original goods featuring Miztani's artwork if they follow the @poke_times Twitter account and retweet the campaign tweet posted on March 14. 30 winners will receive the N wall scroll and 30 others will receive the Elesa wall scroll.

Source: Pokemon official site, @Poke_Times via Nijimen

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