Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna Livestreams 1st Virtual Commercial Presentation

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna held a press conference for a Nissin Yakisoba commercial on Thursday at 12:15 Japan Standard Time. The presentation was not only livestreamed on her YouTube channel but also attended by journalists in person. This marks the first ever virtual Youtuber commercial presentation.

The conference plays out humorously, as the voice interviewing Kaguya Luna speaks professionally, while Kaguya Luna responded almost exclusively with shouts and giggles. When asked if the commercial for the Nissin Yakisoba was finished, she said, "It's finished-ish." She also said that she did some singing in the video, but that it was very hard for her to do it well.

Kaguya Luna announced that the ad will begin airing on Thursday on 11pm. Rock band Maximum The Hormone (Death Note OP2/ED2 theme song performance) appeared as a surprise guest on the stream.

Viewers were encouraged to tweet their impressions of the livestream under the #バーチャルCM発表会 hashtag. A photo session was also held during the presentation, which is standard for commercial presentations. However, instead of using photo and video cameras, the journalists took screenshots through their VR headsets. This may mark a new direction for the traditional photo session.

Kaguya Luna also recently announced that she will be holding a live viewing session and musical performance at the Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on May 1. This continues the trend of virtual Youtubers inhabiting the screens of public places and encompassing the spirit of "2.5D." More details about how to book tickets can be found at her website.

Source: Animate Times (Link 2), Kaguya Luna's YouTube channel

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