Utena Composer J.A. Seazer's New CD Release Set for July 24

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Album features vocals by Sarazanmai's Teiko, also Marika Kōno, Yui Sakakibara

Film composer J. A. Seazer's newest CD Shōjo Renkinjutsushi Tamago: Baramonogatari (Girl Alchemist Egg: Rose Story) is set for release on July 24. The new album is considered a continuation of Seazer's 2017 release Barbara Waisei-ko Mokushiroku: Arsenothelus Zettai Fukkatsu Hikari to Orpheus Zettai Meifu Yami (Arsenothelus' Absolute Revival Light and Orpheus' Absolute Hades Dark-). The earlier album was a collection of tracks inspired by the Revolutionary Girl Utena television anime.

The new 11-song album features cover artwork by Amakishiyon with supervision by Utena director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Vocalists include Teiko, Marika Kōno, and Yui Sakakibara. Teiko is the lead singer of the Elise Shōjoshiki indie band and voices the idol Sara Azuma in the Sarazanmai anime series. Kōno performed theme songs for Uma Musume Pretty Derby, In Another World With My Smartphone, and Akiba's Trip. Sakakibara performed theme songs for Steins;Gate, Chaos;HEAd, and Kanokon.

An additional CD that includes three songs from Revolutionary Girl Utena will be handed out as a bonus on a first-come first-served basis for Diskunion website customers. The CD includes the tracks "Spira Mirabilis Theatre," "Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku," and "Tenchi Sōzō Sunawachi Hikari" ("Angelic Creation, Namely, Light") and is titled Banyūinryoku Genkyokuban (lit: Universal Gravitation Original Melody Edition).

Seazer may be best known for his work on the Revolutionary Girl Utena soundtracks. He also worked as a composer for the live-action film adaptation of Suehiro Maruo's Shojo Tsubaki horror manga and collaborated with the idol group Earphones on the opening song for Idea Factory's Mary Skelter 2 game.

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