More Haikyu!! Boys Meet Their V.League Match

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Last week, the volleyball-themed anime Haikyu!! revealed that it is collaborating with Japan's top-level volleyball league V.League. V.League's Twitter account has been releasing visuals of the Karasuno boys matching off against their V.League counterpart. So far, Ennoshita, Nishinoya, Asahi, and Tanaka's counterparts have been revealed, and six more match-ups have been revealed as of Wednesday, completing the roster.

Kei Tsukishima, a middle blocker, is pitted against Taishi Onodera from the JT Thunders Hiroshima.

Tobio Kageyama, a setter, is pitted against Shin Tehara from FC Tokyo.

Shoyo Hinata, a middle blocker and decoy, is pitted against Hiroaki Asano from the JTEKT Stings.

Kōshi Sugawara, Karasuno's vice captain, is pitted against Ryōma Fujioka from the Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adlers.

Daichi Sawamura, Karasuno's captain, is pitted against Kenya Fujinaka from the SUNTORY Sunbirds.

Tadashi Yamaguchi, a middle blocker, is pitted against Ryōta Denda from the Wolf Dogs Nagoya.

Previously announced match-ups are as follows:

Chikara Ennoshita, de facto leader of Karasuno's team, against Yu Kuriki from the VC Nagano Tridents.

Yū Nishinoya, Karasuno's libero, against Tomohiro Yamamoto from the Osaka Blazers Sakai.

Asahi Azumane, Karasuno's ace, against Hidetomo Hoshino from the Toray Arrows.

Ryūnosuke Tanaka, wing spiker, against Yasunari Kodama from the Panasonic Panthers.

The fourth season of the Haikyu!! television anime, titled Haikyu!! To The Top, will premiere in January 2020 in the Super Animeism timeslot on MBS.

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