Art Corporation Produces 2nd Anime Short About Future of Moving House

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Last year, Art Corporation, a house-moving business in Japan, produced a short animated video highlighting a possible future with friendly robots and hover carriers. Art Corporation released a second video on Saturday tackling similar themes.

The three-minute short tells the heartwarming story of a girl named Izumi, who meets a robot named A-bot who takes her on a trip to the future. The video ends with A-bot showing Izumi what the Art Corporation office building looks like in the future. Izumi is voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Akane from Psycho-Pass, Kuroneko from Oreimo), while A-bot is voiced by Akira Ishida (Athrun from Gundam Seed, Kikuhiko from Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū).

Although the previous short was produced by Signal.MD, the latest video is a collaboration between Studio Bind and ROLL2. Motonobu Hori (Carole & Tuesday director, Napping Princess animation director and unit director) was credited as director, character designer, and animation director in the previous short, but is credited only for character design in the new short. Kazuya Aiura (Assassins Pride) is credited as the new director. Tetsuya Wakabayashi from Sherpa Creative Partner retained his role as creative director.

The video ends with the message "To Be Continued," inferring that there will be more installments to come showing off the future of moving house.

Source: Moca-News

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