Persona 5's Morgana Sneaks Into Koei Tecmo's Office

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Interviews KOEI Tecmo General Producer Kou Shibusawa regarding upcoming Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers game

Persona 5's Morgana is a phantom thief, and as phantom thieves are wont to do, he's been sneaking around Koei Tecmo Games' offices sniffing for treasure. At first, Morgana seems to thinks that he's wandered into an art museum, but eventually he encounters Koei Tecmo Games General Producer Kou Shibusawa, and the two of them sit down for a chat.

Atlus Japan's YouTube channel posted the video of the interview on Monday. The video promotes the upcoming Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, the new action role-playing game in the Persona franchise by Atlus, KOEI Tecmo Games, and Omega Force. Shibusawa shares his memories of playing Persona 4 for over 100 hours, and discusses his favorite parts of the Persona games. After the interview concludes, he plays Persona 5 Scramble for seven minutes while frequently remarking on how well-made he thinks the game is.

When asked if he thought that Persona could work as a Musou (Warriors) game, Shibusawa said that at first he thought it wouldn't work at all. However, the final product exceeded all expectations, and he thinks that it is a wonderful game.

The game will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 20.

The game's story is set half a year after the original Persona 5 game's story, with the game's main characters going on summer vacation, but becoming involved in a new incident that spans the whole of Japan. The original game's main characters will be playable.

Persona 5 shipped for the PS4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan in September 2016. The game shipped in North America in April 2017 after a delay. The game features animation sequences from Production I.G. The 26-episode television anime series based on the game premiered in April 2018.

Source: Atlus official YouTube channel

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