This Series of Anime Music Videos Makes Viewers Judge Fictional Killers

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'Milgram' music project is headed by Vocaloid composer DECO*27, The Caligula Effect's Takuya Yamanaka

Last month, Vocaloid composer DECO*27 and The Caligula Effect game director Takuya Yamanaka launched a series of anime music videos called "Milgram," named after Stanley Milgram's famous social psychology experiments. The premise of the music project is that the characters are all killers, and their stories are revealed through songs. After each "round" of music videos, the audience is encouraged to "judge" the killers by deciding whether or not they can "forgive" them for their crimes.

A mysterious talking rabbit named Jackalope (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) explains the premise of the project in the introduction video. There will be three rounds of judging, and with each judgement, the fate of the characters will change. As for what happens after the third round, or why all of this is happening... Jackalope teases the mysteries but only says that the songs will provide hints about the characters.

The first music video "trial" premiered last Friday, focusing on an inmate named Haruka. The video depicts his anguished love for a girl and his descent into madness. The song is titled "Jakuniku Kyōshoku," and is an alternate spelling of a Japanese saying which means "the strong eat the weak." Instead of the kanji for the word "strong," the song's title uses the kanji for "together."

Viewers are encouraged to make a judgement on Haruka by accessing Milgram's official website and following the prompts.

The music video was produced by OTOIRO, a music video and graphics design team headed by DECO*27. DECO*27 wrote the lyrics and the music, while Takuya Yamanaka wrote the story. The song was arranged by DECO*27 and Rockwell. The illustrator Akka served as character designer and animation director. Roduki was the main animator, and RL and Peat Moss also served as animators. shakawin illustrated the images.

The project's full cast of characters and their voice actors were introduced in an earlier video, as follows:

The first character song was "Undertaker," which was themed around the prison guard Es, voiced by Yurina Amami. The CD went on sale in Japan on May 27. The "Jakuniku Kyōshoku" CD will go on sale on June 24.

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