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Anime Voice Actor Chris Thurman Admits to Sending Nude Photos to Minor

posted on by ANN Interest Team
Thurman tweeted on now deleted Twitter account: 'It's all there, it happened. Wasn't an accident.'

Update (10/20/2020)

Funimation provided Anime News Network with the following statement:

Funimation announced today that voice actor Chris Thurman will no longer be engaged by the dub producer for any current or future productions.

The earlier published article continues below.

Voice actor Chris Thurman admitted on his now deleted Twitter account on Monday that he has sent photos of his private parts to a minor, who was allegedly fifteen years old at the time. In response to an anonymous Twitlonger post detailing the allegations against him, he tweeted: "I have no rebuttal. I have no defense. It's all there, it happened. Wasn't an accident."

He went on to say: "All I can really say is that I am deeply sorry for how uncomfortable I made I made them feel. I was in a very dark place during this time, after a near-decade long relationship ended. Still inexcusable. I had a long stint of doing this, even with old HS friends on Facebook, I have since stopped this and have moved on from that hellish place in my life. All I can really do is take my lashings. I completely understand the disgust towards me. I'm trying to be a better human every day. Just please don't harass collaborators I've worked with. This isn't fair to them, they didn't know about this."

The Twitlonger post describes Thurman as "an 'accidental' serial dick pic sender, sending pics of his dick to unsuspecting girls." It compiles screenshots from Discord showing two conversations between a user named "Chris" and another anonymous Discord user. On both occasions, "Chris" claimed that he sent the nude photos by accident. In one of the conversations, he asked the person he was talking to how old she was and she responded that she was 15. Later in the conversation, "Chris" described his penis in detail.

Thurman played Mash in Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, Daiki Kurosawa in King's Game The Animation, and Nakai in Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san. He has provided additional voices for a number of Funimation English dubs.

Sources: Twitlonger, Chris Thurman's Twitter account via Wayback Machine

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