hololive Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora Gets Special Label for Her Favored Liquor

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Hidamari Sketch's Ume Aoki draws illustration for Hyakunen Umeshu sweet plum wine

hololive Virtual YouTuber Usada Pekora has praised the Hyakunen Umeshu variety of umeshu (sweet plum wine) on her livestreams before, and now she's getting her own special Hyakunen Umeshu label. Hidamari Sketch creator and Puella Magi Madoka Magica character designer Ume Aoki drew the art.

According to liquor company Meiri Shurui, the idea for the collaboration started from Twitter, where Pekora expressed the desire for her fans to enjoy her livestreams with delicious umeshu. The collaboration has been in the works for close to a year.

The 500 mL bottle costs 3,500 yen (approximately US$34) each. As of the time of this writing, however, it's already sold out.

Meiri Shurui has previously done a liquor label collaboration with Ume Aoki in 2010.

Usada Pekora is a 3rd generation hololive VTuber talent who debuted in July 2019. Over 50 Virtual YouTubers currently belong to hololive; according to the agency's English website, it has around 4.4 million fans on YouTube and 4 million on bilibili. The talents perform using intricate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. hololive English debuted in September.

Sources: Meiri Shurui, Comic Natalie via Crunchyroll News (Kara Dennison)

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