The Day I Became a God Voice Actors Comment on Jun Maeda's 'Disappearance'

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Maeda's Twitter account is currently deactivated

In the sixth episode of the The Day I Became a God radio show posted on Friday, voice actors Natsuki Hanae and Ayane Sakura briefly commented on series creator Jun Maeda's recent disappearance from public life. At roughly the 30:40 mark of the program, the actors comment on how they normally read out a message written by Maeda, but this time, he did not leave a message.

The actors' brief exchange is translated as follows:

Sakura: Okay, so, Maeda-san left a message this time, too.

Hanae: Oh? Did he? Wait, he didn't!

Sakura: No way!

Hanae: Yeah, there isn't one today! ...Aww, how sad.

Sakura: Aww, you crybaby, Natsuki-chan.

Hanae: I'm so sad.

Sakura: Don't snot all over the place! Don't take advantage of the situation to get your snot everywhere! ...Ah, so he didn't leave a message today.

Hanae: He must be busy.

Sakura: I wonder if he's got his hands full right now.

Hanae: Or maybe he's finally allowing himself to let loose?

Sakura: Whoa, apparently he's missing right now.

Hanae: Oh, I see...

Sakura: Yeah.

Hanae: Well...

Sakura: Well, we'll continue to wait patiently for Maeda-san's return.

Hanae: We'll wait. Please do things at your own pace. We're hoping for the best.

Sakura: Yep!

(Awkward laughter)

Hanae: It sure is weird for the voice actors to say this kind of thing...

Sakura: Yeah...

Jun Maeda's personal Twitter account, @jun_owakon, has been deactivated at the time of this article's writing.

The anime premiered on October 10 and concluded on Saturday. Jun Maeda is credited with the original work and as scriptwriter, and Yoshiyuki Asai (Charlotte, Fate/Apocrypha) directed the anime. Na-Ga returned from many other Visual Art's/Key projects as the original character designer. P.A. Works animated the series.

Source: The Day I Became a God radio program

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