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Bocchi the Rock's 'Bocchilla' Takes on Godzilla Above Tokyo Theater

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
The King of Monsters might finally meet its equal

Having appeared in 30 live-action Japanese films, five Hollywood films, and three anime films, it's no wonder Godzilla has earned the moniker King of Monsters — and countless parodies. One recent parody is "Bocchila," the Shōnin Yokkyū Monster (Attention-Whore Monster) from the 2022 anime series Bocchi the Rock! And now Bocchila is taking on Godzilla above TOHO CINEMAS in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Image via twitter.com

The Bocchi the Rock! anime's X (formerly Twitter) account unveiled the appearance of Bocchila at the Shinjuku TOHO Building on May 13. In the tweet, we see the monster plastered on the side of the building, spitting fire, and seeking social media likes from everyone, but most especially Godzilla. Just above the image you can see the iconic Godzilla head that has made the Shinjuku TOHO Building world-famous.


The Attention-Whore Monster appears on the wall of TOHO Shinjuku💥

Godzilla-san, give me a like!

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#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!]

A follow-up post by the Bocchi the Rock! X/Twitter account on the same day had a closeup of the advertisement.

Be cool and tweet

#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく [Bocchi the Rock!]

The appearance of the Attention-Whore Monster is part of the advertisement campaign for the upcoming Bocchi the Rock! compilation films. The first film will open on June 7 in Japan.

Sources: Bocchi the Rock! anime's X/Twitter account (link 2), Mantan Web

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