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Fanboy Entertainment to Publich Spellbound

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Fanboy Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of SpellBound: The Magic of Love #1, which was postponed from August of this year, for February 2001.

Spellbound is an all new Shojo Manga series from Tomoko Taniguchi, creator of Call Me Princess and Aquarium (both published by CPM) and many other Shojo Manga. According to Fanboy, this is the first time that a black and white manga series is written and drawn in Japan by an actual manga artist just for release in America. The first volume will ship with two different color covers, the first by Taniguchi, the second by Chiho Saitō, artist and author of the Revolutionary Girl Utena manga.

Spellbound Synopsis:

Ami is your typical Tokyo teenager; hip, stylish and more into music, fashion and boys than school and her part-time job. She'd rather spend her afternoon skating, jamming and shopping than studying. But unlike most other teens, Ami also has a secret life. She's a practicing witch! Once given a powerful magic book, Ami has secretly been training in the mystic arts of magic. However, her intentions are not always the most noble as at times she likes to test her spells (and sense of humor) on her friends and cause a little mischief at their expense. However, she has yet to master the all important spell of love and win the heart of Hiro. But unbeknownst to Ami, Hiro has fallen for the charms of Nicole, the beautiful blonde American who has been hanging around their local hangouts recently. What is her interest in Hiro and how will all this affect Ami?

Fanboy has posted pictures of the two covers on their website, as well as a picture of the upcoming second volume of Möbius Klein.

Spellbound #1 - Taniguchi Cover:

Spellbound #1 - Saito Cover:

Möbius Klein #2 Cover:

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