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Sources: Anihabara, Anime News Service

Anihabara has put up a list of new Anime TV series that will be premiering on Japanese Television stations this January.

Chikyu Bouei Kazoku[Earth Defence Family] (Jan.9 18:30, WOWOW[free])
They were an ordinary family, except for bad terms between parents and their wicked son. One day, they received an anonymous message, which commanded them to protect the earth.... [More at Bottom]

Zoids in the New Century - Zero (Jan.6 18:00, TBS)
Many years have past since the age of wars. Zoids Battle becomes sports, and players are called "warriors".

Bakuten Shoot - Beiblade (Jan.8 18:00, TV TOKYO)
Beigoma is Japanese small top. However, Beiblade is a special top which can change parts to spin better, and virtual characters are living in there. Boys play Beiblade and make friends.

Hakaima Sadamitsu [Sadamitsu the Destroyer] (Jan.17, WOWOW[free])
Fights between Sadamitsu and space criminals.

Grappler Touga (Jan.8, TV TOKYO)
Touga fights and fights to beat fis father, who is called the strongest man.

Earth Girl Ajuna (Jan.9, TV TOKYO)
A girl's encounter with an accident one summer, gives her a vision of a future Earth where she encounters male youth. In this future world mankind has apparently achieved a higher level of awareness where mind resonates with a surrounding "Aura of the Earth". But timelessly there exists those wishing to use power to unjustly manipulate others, and a mecha called "Aura Suit" is used against to fight the attacking forces.
Written and supervised Macross Shoji Kawamori(Macross) with music by Yoko Kanno (Escaflowne).

Of the new TV series, Earth Defence Family has garnered the most media attention. At a December 22nd press conference in Tokyo, director Satoshi Kimura (Tenchi Muyo) announced that the project, which had been in planning stages for 3 years, would shun the current trend of digital animation and rely heavilly on traditional cell animation. Kimura intoned that at this point there are certain effects in anime which can only be properly facilitated by human hand, ink and cell. The quality of animation per epsiode in EDF is said to be extremely high, with the number of animation cells used in the first episode alone exceeding 9500 pieces.

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