Ocean Studios New DBZ Dub Soundclips

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Original DBZ VA's dub for Holland continues; sound clips made available by DBZOA.

Source: DBZOA
Referrer: Planet Namek

DBZOA has posted clips of the new Holland English dub of Dragon Ball Z.

Some returning voice actors include Scott McNeil (Piccolo), Brian Drummond (Vegeta), and Saffron Henderson (Gohan). Bulma's voice actress did not return for the third season, and Peter Kelarmis (Goku) has been replaced by Kirby Morrow, widely known as Trowa Barton's voice in Gundam Wing. Kirby takes over the voice in English Episode #144 (Japanese episode #159).

The sound clips are available on DBZOA, in their news section.

Ocean Group, the voice direction company involved with the Holland dub, was the original company to dub North American Dragon Ball Z for FUNimation.

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