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Responding to Bad Press about Anime

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The Tao of Yaoi offers parents a less alarmist, and more complete look at the worl of Anime. Meanwhile a reader organizes a petition to get KGTV to air another, fairer look at Anime.

ANN has received a couple reports about this following article, and it really is worth checking out.

Joyce Brabner, a cleveland area writer and the mother of a young Anime fan, has written a very interesting article, aimed primarily at parents, which can be read here.

The article details Ms. Brabner's experiences with Anime and her daughter, as well as offers a decent, short comparisson of Anime and American cartoons.

The article, which is published on the website of public radio station WKSU, also features several companion sections. The poll and forum attached provide some interesting comments, and even Ryan Omega, author of the Otaku Quiz-Book series, has poster a response.

On another front, ANN reader M. Alan Thomas II has organized this petition, aimed at getting KGTV to air more information about Anime, informing viewers that not all Anime is Porn and/or mindless violence.

KGTV is the television station which aired this alarmist article about Anime, porn and vilence.

Alan's petition includes the following statement "associating all anime with its explicit material is a logical fault equivalent to associating all American live-action shows with American live-action pornography", requesting that KGTV "air a second report with the intent of disassociating the main body of anime with its explicit material and placing the blame for selling explicit videos to minors squarely on the shoulders of the vendors."

The entire petition statement can be read, and signed here.

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