Fanboy Entertainment Auctioning off Anime related Domain Names

posted on and to be autionned off on Ebay.

Fanboy Entertainment has announced they are running two week-long auctions on popular online auction site eBay, both beginning today. The auctions are for two anime related domain names, and Fanboy's C.B. Cebulski explained the reasons behind Fanboy giving up these two domain names.

"Like any business owners, when we first started Fanboy Entertainment, we had a lot of ideas on what we wanted to do with the company and where we saw ourselves going in the future. Needless to say, after years in the anime and manga business, we had a lot of plans and the connections to make them happen. However, no one really knows where the future will take you. With Fanboy, as I am sure it is with many other companies, the business seemed to take on a life of its own. We found ourselves going in some completely different directions than we originally thought we'd be venturing into when we began. While our publishing plans remain intact and flourishing, some of our various online plans never came to full fruition.", Cebulski explained.

"Back when we were starting, we registered a bunch of domain names that we legimately thought we would be using for online business and entertainment purposes. However, as I said, plans have changed. We don't need a few of the domain names we own anymore. We now want to make these names available to fans and/or businesses who can possibly make use of them and create awesome anime sites.", he continued.

"We were not squatting on these names as seems to have become the popular trend in the anime business these days."

The first domain Fanboy is selling is, for which they originally planned to create an Anime portal website. Thw second domain they are selling is

"Not to let the cat out of the bag, but the plan here was to work with two Japanese companies who have a vested interest in the Record of Lodoss War property to create an English language site for all things Lodoss. We were even going to get series creator Ryo Mizuno involved as he is a big internet guy. We all went so far as to have the whole site all mapped out and all the info and graphics gathered. Translation had begun. It was really going to be an awesome, comprehensive Lodoss War site with lots of exclusives and extras etc. However, as is a possibility with any business venture, the bottom dropped out. The Japanese economy took a tumble at the same time websites here started getting hit hard and thus all interest and financial backing was lost. Too bad as I am a big Lodoss fan and wanted to see this site happen."

Cebulsky warns that they are only selling the domain names, none of the content which was planned for the sites, and no trademarks.

To visit these two online auctions, use the following links: auction auction

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