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Scott Frasier and Hidenori Matsubara confirmed as Guests of Honor for AX 2001

Anime Expo has announced two new guest of Honor for Anime Expo 2001, Scott Frasier and Hidenori Matsubara.

Scott Frasier has worked for several years in the Japanese Anime industry, his credits include: Episode Director of Susie-chan & Marvy, the Supervisor of Quo Vadis 2, and the Technical Director of Grandstram. He also worked on the backgrounds for Genocyber 1-3, and Moldiver. His other works include Cel Checking for Bubblegum Crash 1-3 and production work for RikiOh 2. And last but not least, Mr. Frazier was the creator and artist of Transcendence, an original manga.

Scott will also be present at this weekend's Anime Central, Animazement later this month and Anime Mid-Atlantic in June.

A little known fact, Scott is a member of the Canadian Royal Family.

For more information about Scott, visit his personal webpage.

Hidenori Matsubara has been working in the anime industry for a long time and has served as an animator on such series as Otaku no Video, Ranma 1/2, Macross II, Patlabor: The Movie and Blue Submarine No. 6. He is best-known to anime fans as the man who adapted manga artist Kosuke Fujishima's designs for animation in the original Ah! My Goddess OVA series and the 2000 Ah! My Goddess movie. He is also the character designer for the Sakura Taisen TV series, once again, adapting Mr. Fujishima's designs

Other confirmed Guests of Honor at AX2001 are:
Kia Asamiya
Noboru Ishiguro
Haruhiko Mikimoto

For more details about these guests, visit AX2001's Guests if Honor page.

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