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Bandai Interview

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Source: UMJAMS Anime News

Anime Dream has posted an interview with Bandai's Jerry Chu from E3. Some interesting points brought up include that the name change from Candidate for Goddess to Pilot Candidate was at the request of Cartoon Network. ". And actually, Pilot Candidate is a much better descriptive term for the show itself, so as for release on that show, we don't have anything set yet. Probably we'll announce something around Expo (Anime Expo, July 5-8) time. We're going to try and show a preview at Anime Expo." When asked if there was any truth to the rumor that Cartoon Network may air Escaflowne, it was clarified that FOX retains the rights to the series.
The release schedule for The Big O will be "It's going to start in June. First DVD comes out in June. Skip July, then August. Skip September, October. Skip November, December."
As for other news "Basically, we have Mobile Suit Gundam... basically the whole Universal Century, One Year War. That includes Mobile Suit Gundam, the original television series, reanimated... well, not reanimated, but remastered. We also have 0080, 0083, Gundam 08th MS Team. Release dates for our DVDs, we've pretty much set for July for MS Team on VHS and DVD. August will be Mobile Suit Gundam, after that will be Star Dust Memory, 0083, and after that will be 0080. Besides Gundam, we're working closely with Bandai America to do the whole Anime Collector's toy line, which will include action figure toys for Cowboy Bebop, Pilot Candidate, which is also coming to Cartoon Network later this year. Um, Blue Submarine, Escaflowne, Big O, and Outlaw Star. So those assortments of toys should be hitting pretty soon. Otherwise, other news... we'll confirm it with you guys, but we've already confirmed it before: We do have the rights to Love Hina. Whether or not that's the 24 episodes, plus whatever specials, we don't know yet, soo... actually, we know, we're just not going to say anything yet. But within the next month, if you go to bandai-ent.com's website, there will be a promotion, a fan survey, where you can actually choose what we release in 2002 in January. The first thing that we release in 2002. And one of them will be Love Hina. So there's going to be, I believe, Silent Möbius on DVD, Brain Powered on DVD, Better Man, which is a new show we've picked up, Love Hina, and Fancy Lala. So, people can go and vote for that. "
As for soundtracks, " We'd have to deal direct, and actually that's the hardest part in doing anything like soundtracks. I don't know if you guys recall, but back when we were Anime Village we actually made an announcement that we were going to get into the whole soundtrack business, and it really turned out to be too difficult. You have to deal with so many different licensing people; it's not just dealing with one group. You start dealing with the composers and the singers and the music company themselves, the labels, and the studio that created the show. It just got too complicated, so we're going to try and work through it, but we'll see what happens."

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