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New Media Blasters Announcements

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MB's new licenses, Mezzo Forte, Fortune Quest L, Oni-Tensei, and Tokyo Project are due in stores on November 13th!

Source: Anime Nation

Quoted from the Anime Nation news post:
Media Blasters has announced several new licenses and releases including Mezzo Forte, Fortune Quest, Oni-Tensei, and Tokyo Project scheduled to hit stores on November 13th.

Yasuomi Umetsu's follow-up to Kite, the two episode long OAV series Mezzo Forte, will debut in the US in four different editions. Mezzo Forte will be released on 55 minute long dubbed VHS for $19.95 and bilingual 55 minute long DVD for $24.95, as well as 60 minute long uncut adults only versions on dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD retailing for $24.95 and $29.95 respectively. Supplemental DVD features have yet to be determined, but Media Blasters is hoping to be able to include staff interviews and an audio commentary track. AnimeNation will only be carrying the unedited version of Mezzo Forte.

The Fortune Quest L TV series will debut on dubbed VHS and bilingual DVD, both featuring 5 episodes. The 26 episode Fortune Quest L TV series from 1997 is a parody of traditional swords & sorcery role playing games that should appeal to both fans of Lodoss War and fans of Slayers.

The first of 4 half-hour episodes of the hentai/horror Oni-Tensei OAV series will premier on dubbed only VHS with a retail price of $24.95. The 50 minute long Tokyo Project action OAV will premier on dubbed VHS for $19.95 and bilingual DVD for $24.95.

Other genre releases scheduled for November 13th include Rurouni Kenshin TV series volume 14, Maho Tsukai Tai volume 5 (TV series volume 2), a double feature DVD of both Japanese "women in prison" action/exploitation Scorpion movies, the dubbed VHS and DVD premier of of the live-action Japanese sci-fi/action/exploitation film Black Angel, and the American premier of Ruggerio Deodato's first Italian cannibal horror/gore/shock film Jungle Holocaust (AKA: Lost Cannibal World) on dubbed VHS and (tentative) special edition bilingual DVD.

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