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posted on 2001-08-23 21:20 EDT is asking for questions for an upcoming interview with Mark Britten, a voice actor from DBZ, whose credits include Burter, Karin, and the Ox-King, amongst others..

From Ali Bazrcar, webmaster of

Well I have managed to get an interview with one of the Voice Actors from DBZ. The seven voices that he DID for Dragon Ball Z are as follows:

Burter (from the Ginyu force, which there is actually an action figure for), Karin the Kat (who also has an action figure), the Ox-King, Rings (leader of the Toad Warrior gang that tried to run the Androids' stolen van off the road), Moori (who took over after Guru keeled over), Grand Kai (he kinda sounds like Wolfman Jack), and the Mushroom announcer (a cross between Samuel L. Jackson and the cat from Hong Kong Phooey!).

But he didn't sign a contract for the new seasons because he said the pay was low and it was one sided, they wanted to use him for everything and he didn't get anything from it, this is unveiling some more about Funimation although he is still welcome back to the show...

Anyway to the point, I am gathering questions for the interview, I know he isn't exactly "Goku" but he still knows the secrets behind Funimation and I'm sure he could give us a lot of interesting info.

For more info on submitting questions and the guidlines, click here!

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