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Macross Release Update

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AnimEigo has sent out an update on their release plans for Macross, including a delay to December, and a previously unnamed extra.

AnimEigo has sent a message to those who preordered the Macross Box set saying that while they had hoped to release the series in October, mid to early December is the current estimated time frame.

Several factors conspired to create the additional delay. The major one was that the restoration of the original footage has taken considerably longer than they expected. This restoration is a multistep process of color correction, image enhancement and defect removal; the final results are spectacular. The delay was compounded when, about 1/4 of the way through the restoration, a new restoration sequence (the order in which the various possible restoration procedures are applied) was discovered that further improved the final quality. We were then faced with a decision: use the new procedure only on the last 3/4 of the series, which created a noticable difference. The proccess had to be started from scratch to fix the problem.

The current status of preproduction is as follows:

The packaging, box, and liner notes are all at the printers.

The translation, subtitles, dvd menus and other ancilliary materials have
all been completed.

Most of the episodes have been restored. The rest will be completed by the end of September, well before they are needed for authoring.

The first DVDs are about to be authored. Since all the components have been created (in particular, the tricky part of DVD authoring, the menus), it's mostly an assemble-test-and-tweak job.

When finished they should be able to ship 1000-2000 sets a day.

Included in the Macross box set will be a special "3D" animated lenticular coverplate.

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