Boogiepop Phantom Volume 3

posted on 2001-10-03 08:18 EDT
Right Stuf will be releasing the third volume of Boogiepop Phantom November 27th.

From the press release:
From Watanabe Takashi, the well-known director of the popular comedic fantasy Slayers, comes the polar opposite of that series -- an arty, atmospheric fright fest.
Mamaro was never like other guys, but he suddenly discovers that he has little in common with humans at all...
Nagi Kirima goes through life with a single purpose: carry on the investigation which has brought her to the Manticore...
Saki is a gifted pianist. Popular and talented, she is being manipulated to become something that she never will be...
This amazing story is told by a fascinating group of characters, a bit from each character's point of view. The captivating design, music, and story will keep fans coming back for subsequent episodes!

The cover can be seen here.

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